I am fortunate to live in a region that makes delicious wine. I have a friend who works at a local winery, and she told me about wine growlers. Fujishin Winery is the place I go to refill my “wine flagon;” their jargon for their glass jug. I’ve been getting the same kind for about eight months now and decided I would look for another option, simply because I’m a lady who likes choices.

Luckily I found something without trying too hard! I am currently enjoying the Proletariat Malbec while writing this post.

The Boise Co-op Wine Shop was carrying four different Proletariat wines when I inquired about wine on tap.
The hardest part was remembering my own bottle, which isn’t so difficult as I’ve been shopping zero waste for nearly a year at this point.

My flagon is less expensive by far. The overall cost is less than $15 and is 0.95 liter. While the Proletariat was just under $20 for the typical wine bottle size of 0.75 liter. I considered it more of a treat or splurge and am not disappointed with my vote. I am happy to support bring your own container wherever it may emerge.

Peace and love,



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