It’s deceiving of me to make my first film post in black and white, yet that is what I want to do. My first love is color film, and black and white has its place in my heart, but for my own aesthetic reasons, I don’t find it superior to color. The world is a colorful place! That’s what I tell myself every time I choose color over classic b&w. 

I visited this place by myself this past summer for the sole purpose to take photos of it. A friend at the camera shop lent me his Hasselblad 500 c/m! What luck! What generosity!

This camera is beautiful, fairly lightweight, medium format, and takes square photographs. It’s a classic. I packed my car and the camera and drove about two hours to get to this geological wonderment in Oregon.

Unfortunately, all my color film was processed incorrectly and turned out horribly. At least these turned out, and I think they look quite beautiful. 

I usually hide my art and never show anyone, but I hope whoever sees these likes them. A simple hope.

Peace and love,



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