These are the three ingredients I use to make laundry powder in about ten minutes. Washing soda, borax, and a bar of castile soap are all you need! I choose Dr. Bronner’s lavender because sometimes I like a scent, but often I choose unscented because of my sensitivities to smells. However, the lavender is so subtle that I feel like its main purpose is to mask the more detergent-like smell of borax. Also, it makes doing laundry a tiny bit more pleasant. Or so I think. The jar is just some reused jar I had and have been using it for this recipe because it is the exact right size. I went through a phase of spray painting the lids of my re-purposed glass jars. Hehe.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Here are all the tools you’ll need. A 1 cup measuring tool, a knife, and something to process / chop the soap up if you’re not into shredding / grating it by hand. Clearly I am not into it. I’ve had this ninja chopper for probably close to 6 years and it still works great! First I slice up the bar of soap.


Then I put about half of it in to the chopper along with 1 cup of either borax or washing soda.


This is important so as not to gum up the chopper with just soap. The powder keeps the soap from sticking to itself so much. I pulse it until quite fine.


Then I repeat with the remainder of the soap bar and 1 cup of the other powder. I pour it all into my jar and sort of rotate it a bit to mix it all up together.


It’s done! I write in washable marker stolen from a pack at school that I also use to write on my cloth bulk bags at the store. Pictured here are two of my wool dryer balls I picked up at the Sun Valley Wool Fest last year. I decided to sprinkle about 20 drops of orange essential oil on them for my last few loads of laundry because I had done some deep cleaning with the towels and rags and needed a pleasant scent boost.

It’s really the most simple and rewarding process. Yes, there is packaging involved, but it’s plastic free and I prefer to use simple ingredients rather than pay a high price for bulk laundry detergent from a city 20 miles away. Perhaps not “zero” waste but definitely low waste and very inexpensive. Each batch costs me about $4 USD. This is what works for me and my husband, who is a carpenter and artist and is pleased with its performance as well.

Peace and love,


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