Plastic is something I am trying to live without. I don’t want to buy products for a single use that then ends in the trash. Good thing there are so many alternatives to plastic that will fulfill all parts of my life.

I’ve grown lemon drop hot peppers this summer and I couldn’t possibly eat them all right now. I think peppers freeze wonderfully and because of the small volume required to add to a dish, it doesn’t really matter if the texture changes slightly. I haven’t ever noticed a problem with frozen hot peppers.

First, give them all a rinse.


Then spread them out onto a cookie tray that goes straight into the freezer, just on top of whatever is in there already.



Once they were frozen, I pulled the stems off because they take up precious space and were going to tightly fit into this small jar already.

Pack them tightly into a jar with a tight fitting lid, then place back into the freezer. Label if you like!


I can pull out a couple whenever I want, and continue to reuse this jar when they are all used up. So simple, I regret not looking for plastic bag alternatives years ago.

Peace and love,



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