It’s been a while since I’ve thrifted significantly. Once I gave up my vintage Etsy store I didn’t have as much desire to go on hunts to find treasures. This past weekend, however, I was out with my husband and we found some great items.

I’m trying to not be a mindless consumer and buy what is marketed and forced upon me. It is a scary reality that most restaurants have multiple televisions and, because we don’t have a television, that is when I witness commercials galore that are trying to sell products that have no value whatsoever.

These chairs caught my husband’s eye and then mine so we decided we should probably get them. We don’t need anymore outdoor chairs, but I dig the design and comfort of these.

Also, new dresser pulls! I’ve searched for a full set of eight that would be Art Deco and not clash or be too garish for my simple dresser. There was a hideous painted black dresser that actually resembled mine under all that paint with these beautiful, perfect condition handles. I ruminated for a couple days, then went back to purchase the dresser, disassembled the handles and actually ended up letting another shopper take the dresser sans pulls. It was honestly serendipitous. I know the dresser isn’t perfect, but I have had it for about thirteen years, ever since I lived with my parents, and I like taking care of the items I have. I took this opportunity to rub a bit of oil + beeswax mixture into the wood for some moisture and sheen. 🙂

Pasta and zero waste aren’t exactly best friends. I can get really good quality, organic pasta in an almost completely cardboard box, and that’s awesome. However, I love soba and ramen noodles also, which I’ve never seen without plastic wrapping. Idaho is not the best state to get ramen or soba at a restaurant, either. So I’ve thought about getting a kitchenaid pasta attachment for a while, but didn’t want to spend the money. Then this beauty appeared befor my eyes at the same thrift store for the reasonable price of $15.50! It looks barely used and came with a cleaning brush, but no manual, which is fine with me. Let the pasta making begin! Yes, I do plan on becoming a “pasta queen” as the package says. 😉

I’m happy to support local business and have been trying to not make purchases via the internet. I need to remind myself constantly that I have enough.

What I checked out at the library (the books you see on top of my dresser) will be my next post!

Peace and love,



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