It’s a slow, sunny Sunday at my house. I was born in autumn and an autumn baby I shall always be. The lighting is golden, the leaves are golden, and the end of a growing season marks another year lived fully. 

We took time today to clear our sunflower forest and I planted garlic. More on those later.

I want to showcase a quick grocery shopping trip that involves unconventional grocery stores.

Perhaps I’ve mentioned we have two hens. They are both beautiful and in good health, but have stopped laying eggs. They were molting, but they are getting older so I’m not sure if they are done laying for good or not. Either way, we love them. We will look into getting more next spring.

So I bought eggs. A store near me does sell eggs in bulk (from any broken / missing cartons) but they were out when I went there recently. I went to a local fruit stand that sells tons of local fruits and vegetables and also has dairy in returnable glass bottles. I buy half and half for my coffee. I haven’t found an acceptable dairy free replacement for use in coffee. I absolutely do not like sugary coffee, and there seems to always be added sweetener in vegan creamers. Also, the packaging is too much for me to deal with.

Pear sauce is next on my cooking + freezing list so I was in search of pears also. I got a mix of d’anjou and bosc since I don’t have a preference. A buttercup squash caught my eye and cost less than anything I know of. 

A quick drive down the road from the fruit stand is Fujishin winery where I refilled my red wine.

That’s all for today! Obviously the egg carton is a package, but can be reused, returned, or recycled.

Cheers to good, local food!

Peace and love,


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