A fellow teacher at school gifted me a beautiful bag of tomatillos from her garden. They are so beautiful! We talked briefly about our gardens near the beginning of the school year and she said how the plants were taller than herself. We hardly see each other because she teaches at the other end of the building. On our meeting day, she handed me a bag and my mind started immediately thinking of what to make with such a fabulous food present. I really dislike wasting food and one of my favorite things to receive is free food from local gardens.

I decided to start with a roasted salsa.


A few tesuque and lemon drop chilies from my own garden, some local tomatoes from the market, and an onion from the traditional grocers along with the tomatillos and some oil went into the oven to roast.


I roasted the sh** out of them!

Then I chopped it all up in my ninja chopper, along with the requisite cilantro, lime juice, and salt.


This is a dang good salsa! It was surprisingly quite spicy. I feel like I never make salsa spicy enough. It looks thick like a tomato sauce, and it really is. I could add a few fresh tomatoes into it as well to mellow and freshen it up a bit.

I got some chips from a local restaurant in a brown paper bag and dug in!

Peace and love,



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