Of course this can be bought, but why would I do that?

Here’s a shot of all that was required to make curry paste. All package free, except the oil, which is in a recyclable metal can.

Sunflower oil, garlic, shallots, cumin, turmeric, lemongrass, lime, ginger, Serrano peppers.

The shallots were seriously hefty in size so I didn’t end up using all of the ones pictured.

I confess that the mortar and pestle were only what I started out using, but quickly realized that I should use the ninja chopper for this job. Only a larger mortar would work and it would probably require considerably more arm strength than I was willing to put in this day.


It looks delicious and smells great! It was difficult to tell whether it would be delicious until I put it in a meal. Yellow split pea dahl is the first dish I made with it, and it did end up scrumptious, but I added more than I was used to with the store bought pastes. The only money I spent was on buying the lemongrass, everything else was already in my kitchen.


It made a little less than a cup and is not as concentrated as the kind I had in a big plastic tub from the Asian grocery store, but damn if it doesn’t feel great to make things from scratch and to really get to know and understand ingredients and flavors.

Recipe slightly adapted from this one.

Peace and love,



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