I’m trying harder to be mindful of seasonal eating. Bananas are a delicious treat, but I live in Idaho. Bananas are never in season here.

There was a sale on chocolate, so I stocked up on my favorite kinds + a baking chocolate from Dagoba. It’s in a package, but from what I’ve read is recyclable.

The cloth bags contain: fair-trade coffee, local yellow lentils (a switch from my usual green lentil variety), and rye flour to make bread.

The glass jar has chocolate peanut butter because winter is headed this way. 🙂

I bought 2 savory scones and ate the other one. This one is for my husband. It’s also in the store’s bag because I thought I had run out of bags. Turns out, I hadn’t. #zerowastefail

Then the produce is a few pears, tiny and large, oranges, zucchini, cilantro, cabbage, and a couple watermelon radishes from a local organic farm.

What I’m planning on making: lentil curry, roasted garlic cabbage, rye caraway bread, and tomato-free sauce for pasta because I refuse to buy tomatoes when they aren’t in season and I sadly did not make tomato sauce this year.

Not pictured for no reason other than a forgetful mind: honey from the bulk dispensary. I ran out after starting fermented cranberries! More on that when they are finished.

Peace and love,


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