Taking inspiration from Going Zero Waste, and a few researching hours later, I decided to have sugar cookies and hot chocolate for our Christmas party at school.

I wasn’t going to make these cookies nor frosting vegan because I would have to make enough for 45 students and I wanted them to have more traditional cookies without the fear of a nut allergy happening in my classroom. Our Kindergarten is full day, but only every other day so I have two different classes. I actually had 2 holiday parties. 😉

I used this cookie recipe and this frosting recipe. One batch of cookie dough was plenty, but two batches of frosting were required.

The only ingredient I needed was matcha powder and luckily found it at my local herb store in bulk because I knew I wouldn’t need much. I used turmeric for yellow / gold, beetroot powder for dark pink, and matcha for forest green.

I took the easy route with hot chocolate by simply buying chocolate milk in glass from a local dairy. I needed 2 gallons, so 4 bottles total. Also, I found some beautiful Christmas mugs and placemats for the party at a thrift shop, but I would also use them if needed at other times throughout the school year.

The chocolate milk was placed into my crockpot and set to warm so that it would not be too hot for my Kinders.

We listened to classic Christmas music and I finished putting string through their ornaments. They marveled at the big black discs of music! My family always busted out vinyl for Christmas and it’s still my favorite tradition. I would like to find more kid friendly tunes à la Charlie Brown or Rudolph and Frosty music albums.

The best way to avoid waste and also avoid owning too many drinking vessels and utensils is to work in groups at different table stations and then rotate so each child eventually gets to all the stations, but just not at the same time. After I mixed the frosting, they decorated their cookies. I did pick up some colorful sixlets in bulk for their cookie decorating table.

They saved them so we could all eat them together and so I could get a picture of them with their decorated cookies.

The stations:

  1. Decorate cookies
  2. Fun and simple holiday math page
  3. Drink hot chocolate from the glass mugs
  4. ELA iPad app of my choosing

It’s important to have the other stations be independent and engaging so I can focus my energy on the station that needs my help the most. I simply wash the mugs as the students finish drinking and have them ready for the next group of kids. It requires work, but with upfront planning, it can be extremely successful and fun!

They stood in front of my holiday board and had their picture taken by me using my Mamiya RB67 and peel-apart Fujifilm. They had a blast!

Do you have any zero waste party or general classroom tips?

Peace and love,



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