A new goal I’m working towards is buying way less from internet sources, instead choosing to shop locally, mostly from thrift stores if I truly need something.

However, a few months ago, before I resolved to keep my money local, I was in need of new underwear. I like very plain, wearable undies that I won’t notice while I’m living my life; something I don’t have to wrestle with in front of a class full of children.

After plenty of research, I decided to go with Pact because of their organic and fair trade products, as well as their simple, affordable designs.

I bought a few multi-packs in black, beige, maroon and gray, and all in the hipster style because I have preferred that style for many years.

Overall I like them due to their softness and they didn’t change shape after washing them in the regular washing machine and dryer.

There was a bit of unraveling around a seam on one pair, but I decided that must have been a fluke, because the others are holding up great.

I wasn’t as pleased with the plastic included in the shipping package. It seemed unnecessary and excessive. Perhaps it’s possible to ask them to not include it in the box.

I would recommend this company if you are in need of new underwear. I cannot speak to the quality of their bralettes, and that’s a scary obstacle for me as I have larger breasts and some fair brands don’t even make my size. 😦

If you have any recommendations, I’d love to hear them.

Peace and love,



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