My animals mean so much to me. I cannot imagine life without the joys of having pets around. At home we have a cat, a rabbit, and two hens. This post is how I’ve transitioned our cat and rabbit into being low waste or “zero waste” because no waste is going to the landfill.

Hummingbird, our cat, is a blue-eyed mostly grey point Siamese cat. She has adorable darker stripes in her tail in certain lights from having some tabby in her. 🙂

My rabbit, Puck, who appears to be a lion-head rabbit, was found and I immediately fell in love with him. He loves hanging out with the hens in the backyard and knows to not run away or dig under the fence.

It can be a challenge to switch up a cat’s regular diet. They are sensitive and stubborn creatures. Up until a month ago, our cat was eating Purina Naturals. The smaller bags may be recyclable, but the larger bags are made of composite plastics and are non-recyclable. They are sturdy and can definitely be repurposed for other household chores. The bulk options near me were dismal and basically filler food. So I searched for a brand that was healthy and had recyclable packaging. The best option for us was TLC pet food. I ordered it online and it came in a cardboard box and 3 bags of food. There is no option of only purchasing 1 bag, but there is a money-back guarantee.

We have slowly been adding the new food into her old food and she has taken to it easily!

We discovered Hummingbird had a serious hankering for brothy treats. She goes through a whole song and dance just to get a packet of WERUVA. It’s something we are more than willing to oblige a few times per week. Fortunately, I found that Terracycle has a program for recycling the packaging and we will probably quickly fill up the bag and send it in.

As far as catnip, we had a plant in the garden, but I think it got decimated, and will need replanted this summer.

She happens to be an indoor / outdoor cat who prefers to potty outside. We keep a litter box for her but rarely need to clean it and refill it with fresh litter. A recent trip to PetCo revealed refillable litter as an option. I’ll consider that for the future.

For my rabbit, there is a good source for bulk pellets in local garden and pet store. I store his food in an airtight container near his outdoor home. For the winter, he stays in the heated and insulated chicken coop.

I also sourced his hay via a grower on the web. It came packed tightly in a medium box and has lasted us quite some time.

I don’t want to purchase items online so much, so I may need to compromise or search deeper for local, sustainable options for the future. This is what has been working for us so far.

The hens mostly scratch around the yard and compost pile during the summer and require feed during the winter. I haven’t found any good sources for package free chicken feed and am hoping to find a solution someday.

Peace and love,



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