Yet another thing to do with leftover sourdough starter! Make waffles to your heart’s content! These are left overnight to get extra tangy, unlike the pancakes I have made, which are mixed together and used immediately. Of course, I use the recipe from The Perfect Loaf, because he is a trusted source on all things sourdough.

This batter made a large amount of waffles; way more than two people can eat, so I froze the remainder, and just plan on popping them into the toaster when I get a desire. I planned on freezing them in my round life without plastic metal container, but they were a teensy bit too big, so I grabbed a washed out, reused plastic bag that I have just for such emergencies.

These are excellent slathered with freshly ground peanut butter and warmed up maple syrup. How convenient that both of those items are readily available in bulk! Even at the local WinCo, I see both of these items. It’s actually funny because I brought a glass jar to WinCo and filled up with peanut butter knowing they don’t accept reusables and just accepted my fate of paying for the weight of the jar, but it still ended up less expensive than a jar of Adam’s peanut butter! It was $3 and some change for a pint.

Maple syrup is not cheap, and I use it sparingly and enjoy every last drop.


I made these on the weekend, because even though they are adorable heart shapes, I did not have any time to make these for my sweetie during the week. Instead I was busy making these for my students.

Want to know what I did for my Kindergartners this Valentine’s Day?

I got the idea to make them breakfast for Valentine’s Day, so I brought in eggs from my hens and a batch of easy waffle dough, not the one pictured, but one that was more simple to mix together in the morning before school. I also brought my waffle iron, huckleberry syrup that I’ve had forever (it’s an Idaho specialty), homemade honey-strawberry jam, and peanut butter. A parent brought cut up strawberries, and another brought clementines.

Every morning, my students go to another teacher for half an hour, so I set about making the waffles and scrambling eggs in a plug-in skillet that I keep at school. It took me almost exactly 30 minutes to make the whole batch, which was about 10 or 11 waffles. I gave the students 2 heart pieces, some scrambled eggs, their topping of choice, and fruit, all in reusable dishes I keep and wash at school. I am fortunate to have 2 sinks in my classroom as well as convenient plug-ins and some counter space.

I had half the class eating from bowls and plates, while the others put together some fun puzzles that kept them engaged. As soon as the first half of the kids were done eating, and I had washed and dried the dishes, I had them switch. It really only took about a half hour for them all to be done. It was fun, easy, and I kept it zero waste.

There were also some heart shaped pretzels for them that were bought in bulk. I tried to ask them to just do a card exchange, but many parents ignored that request and sent in whole class Valentine cards. The kids had fun and didn’t have too much sugar, which was a feat in itself.

Unfortunately, I do not have any pictures of that day because I was honestly rushing around the whole time trying to coordinate everything. Not unusual on a daily basis as my kids are 5 and 6. 🙂

Peace and love,



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