It takes a while for the farmer’s markets to get a good variety of plants to eat in our high desert region. I rely on grocery stores for most of my produce and all of my dry goods.

This is a typical grocery shop run for me. Some of the previous photos didn’t really have many dry bulk items because I generally decant those immediately into glass jars so I can wash the bags as quickly as possible. I’m just weird about that for some reason so I often don’t get photos of those items.

Everything except the butter was purchased at Fred Meyer. They are a Kroger company and perhaps there is one in your neck of the woods. They are super cool about me using my own bags and have even given me cheese in my own jar before. I’m tying to not buy cheese anymore. An unusual item is the Quorn meatless cutlets. They are actually a plastic free meat substitute and I keep getting coupons for them so I keep buying them. I know it’s kind of unconventional, but it’s actually an interesting product made from fungus and is soy and gluten free.

In the bulk bags there is: coffee, sugar, sunflower seeds, shredded coconut, peanuts, walnuts, and dates.

I love snacking on dates and I also use them to sweeten nut milk. The sugar is mostly for making ginger beer, and I needed walnuts for leftover sourdough starter banana bread.

I made some killer hummus even though I ran out of garlic (the horror!) and was only able to use garlic powder. The bell peppers were inexpensive and are going right into that dip as soon as I’m done typing.

The butter I purchased at Albertson’s. I haven’t found Amish butter anywhere else and it comes in a giant roll. I only repurchase about every 2 months.

I made millet muffins with coconut oil instead of butter and, while still delicious, aren’t the same without butter. My husband says life isn’t worth living without butter and we really make it last so I don’t have too much guilt over this.

Hopefully this is helpful for anyone who may have access to a similar type of grocery chain store and is wishing to be a part of the low impact movement in regards to their groceries.

Peace and love,



3 thoughts on “Conventional Groceries

  1. We can not grow everything. I prefer to purchase some things rather than to can too much of our produce in season. I mean, it is nice to have a good supply stored up, but it is not so healthy to eat so much canned food either.

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      1. Oh, it is not all home grown. Some is purchased because it is healthier to get it fresher from the market than to get it canned from the cellar. We get plenty of canned food stored up, but it is not good to make a habit of eating too much canned food. I do not mind canning apple sauce, apple juice and tomato sauce because they do not get cooked for too long (and we have many abandoned apple trees). However, the low acid vegetables that need to be canned in the pressure pot lose some of their nutritional quality in the process. If I were not so busy at work, I would schedule vegetables better in the garden so that there would be something fresh all the time. In our climate, the garden can be productive all year. That way, we could have cool season vegetables through winter, supplemented with a few canned summer vegetables.


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