My plan was to not purchase any plants, but rather start them all from seed. I started the seeds in my metal seed starter tray and placed them into a heat mat near a south-facing window. Some of the little buggers grew, but not very fast and they are still quite tiny. I could possibly still plant seeds, but we don’t have the longest growing season here. I’m technically zone 7a, most of the areas around me are 6a or 6b.

I went to Cliff’s Country Market to get hella vegetables because that’s all I’m craving in this heat wave, and they had these beautiful organic starts for sale. I’m not an expert grower, so I suppose I just need to keep trying or putting more effort into my seed starts.

For now though, I’ll be ok that I purchased some plastic pots and more plastic labels in order to have my vegetable garden growing beautifully. Also, I realize I could get veggies at the farmer’s markets but it’s in my genes to grow plants.

My boxes would be sad without an abundance of vegetables. Yes, they are in the front yard because we have an unusually wide “hellstrip” due to our narrow street.

I already have garlic growing and some volunteer mustard greens and arugula. I made a yummy dish using mustard greens and spinach from the garden! I’ll put that up soon.

In my back yard I have smaller boxes where I have planted more cooler season vegetables and I’m planting potatoes as well. This is Idaho after all!

Anyone else starting a garden? Already started? Do you have any seed starting tips?

Peace and love,



11 thoughts on “Garden Plans

      1. People?! Now that would be even worse than dogs doing what they do! People in my neighborhood are better behaved; or at least I think they are.


      2. 😂 I should have been more clear. People… with their dogs who do this business. I have caught a few neighborhood cats in my boxes but I strongly discourage it / throw a nearby item towards them.

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      3. We get all sorts of visitors to our gardens, including deer, turkeys, raccoons, skunks, rats and so on. If you ever happened to see the documentaries about ‘Finding Bigfoot’, one of the episodes was filmed in my neighborhood, and specifically wanted to come to my garden because their experts believed that a Sasquatch visited my garden regularly.


  1. Hey Kristan, I would like to speak with you about Zero Waste for a short radio piece I’m putting together related to how recycling is changing, and so should our thinking as consumers. Could I speak with you in person at our studios? Total time would be about 10 minutes. The piece airs on the four stations in our radio group at Scripps Let me know. Your garden is looking good!

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