File Aug 25, 6 43 15 PMMy name is Kristan. Mostly, I’m introverted. Sometimes I enjoy sharing my thoughts and creations. I teach Kindergarten and enjoy it very much. However, I find myself immersed in many other delightful occupations that I do not get paid to do. Cooking is something we all must do to some extent, but it is something I have discovered can be thoroughly enjoyable as well as somewhat to extremely experimental. Food science is fascinating to me! When there is good lighting and plenty of time, I will usually be dragging my film cameras around. I use 35 mm, 120, peel apart film, instant, and digital. My film camera collection is hovering around 17 or 18 at the moment. Nature is perfect and pristine, so I am therefore usually trying to capture the bliss of enjoying whatever is happening outdoors.

I’m an avid DIY pursuant. This is what led me to living a zero waste lifestyle. Making and cooking things from scratch using real, whole ingredients is fulfilling and exciting. I love when my creations turn out!

Gardening is also something I have been working at for the past 7 years. I tried to garden in my apartment when I lived in one, then I moved into a beautiful house and have been tending a garden from the rough alkaline soils of my town for the past 6 years. It is quite an adventure to see the differences in my gardens over the years!