October Books

I’m quite embarrassed to say I hadn’t visited my library in a long, long time. I grew up checking out massive stacks of books from the library with my mom and three sisters. We barely ever paid late fees. My parents were responsible and didn’t pay unnecessary fees. I believe I’ve accrued a few library fees, and one was when I stupidly allowed a friend to check out a book on my account. There is a reason that is not allowed.

Neil Gaiman is one of my favorite authors. I first read his Sandman graphic novels which had a significant impact on my view of the genre and on storytelling in general. The only fiction book is from him, titled Norse Mythology. 

I’ve gifted a copy of Herbivoracious by Michael Natkin. I enjoy his blog quite a bit and leafed through the copy before I gave it, and thought I’d check it out for a bit.

My desire is to learn about the gifts that nature surrounds us with locally. I have hunted for morels, but never anything else. I know chanterelles are supposed to be developing in the fall, so I got some local fungi books.

Yes, I live in Idaho.

The fermentation book is not exactly what I wanted, but the immediate selection at the library was slim. Many books are on hold, though and I’m so excited!

Peace and love,