Reuse: Newspaper Bin Liner / Package

I’m not convinced this serves the purpose of a trash bin liner very well. The newspaper size would need to be much bigger if it were to work in a functional way. However, I did use my first attempt at this with a smaller paper as a sort of package to tote my extra pens to school instead of keeping at home. I like the idea of this as a sort of street food package or burger or potato chip holders at a barbecue or even popcorn for a movie night.

Here are the steps to making one:

Layer 2 – 4 pieces of newspaper together.

Fold up one corner the way one would to find a perfect square, but keep it in a triangle shape.

Cut off the rectangle of excess.

Fold the bottom corner up to meet the top left corner.

Repeat on other side with the right corner to meet the top left corner. Crease.

Unfold those last two folds. Take the bottom corner to meet the crease made by the right corner when it met the left corner.

Repeat with the right corner to meet the new crease created by the previous fold.

Separate the 2 or 3 or 4 layers of newspaper you used and fold over the top. Crease.

Flip it over and repeat on the other side.

Open it up and place into a bin!

I think this still could work as a trash can liner if you are living a low waste lifestyle and therefore do not put wet items into the trash, and recycle anything that can be recycled. Or make one just for fun to try it out!

Peace and love,



Favorites from the Weekend

I have been in a pottery class for almost a year now and though my attendance can be sporadic, I have improved and what’s more important, it gives me a creative & therapeutic outlet.

There is an event held once per year where potters make teacups or mugs and donate them for this event. I bought a ticket and was able to score this mug from a fellow potter who has recently gone professional. It’s beautiful, unique, and locally made.

I already have a cupboard FULL of mugs, but it’s one of the best parts of my day when I get to choose the mug from which I will drink my beverage of choice.

Also, my organic tulips are always stunning. This area is called my gnome garden because it’s tiny and a lawn gnome lords over it making sure neighborhood cats don’t use it as their WC.

Last summer my family went huckleberry picking in the Idaho mountains. I froze quite a few and am enjoying them in my overnight oats.

That cat planter was picked up at a garage sale of a friend whose mother recently passed and she was a true cat lady. I thought I was, but now I realize I have a long road ahead of me! I put my hoya cuttings in there and it’s my favorite item at the moment.

Another string bag was added to my grocery kit as sometimes my other one is not enough for all the produce I buy. My other one was found at a thrift store and it is amazing. The tag on that one is Pier 1 imports. This one I found on Etsy and I love that it is organic cotton and is a neutral color. It is a smaller version of my other one, but it’s nice to have an extra one on hand.

And this sourdough sandwich loaf. 100% natural leaven, 100% homemade, and 100% delicious.

Peace and love,


April Groceries, etcetera

Generally I make two loaves of sourdough every other weekend, but knew I wasn’t in the mood this weekend. I also wanted to hit up the Boise farmer’s market that was just opening up for the season. The only thing I was able to get was this loaf of sourdough bread, which looks ten times better than mine somehow. I was disappointed in how much fresh produce was already packaged in plastic bags or clamshells. Better luck later in the season I’m hoping.

After the market, I stopped in at the Boise Co-op which is a package free haven. Everything else was purchased there.

I’ve not been present here as much lately mostly because I am a teacher and have been working and also trying to figure out how to balance all the things in life I love while working full time.

I’m also volunteering to teach a “how to live a low waste life” class this month and next, and to be perfectly honest I’m nervous about it because I’m an introvert, and because I’ve never done such a thing and definitely don’t consider myself an expert. I have, however, read basically every blog post from my favorite bloggers, watched innumerable YouTube videos on the topic, devoured Zero Waste Home by Bea Johnson (twice), listen to low waste podcasts, and have carefully considered how to reduce my waste in every aspect of my life for the past 18 months.

At times I feel I am a woman possessed. I think, breathe, eat, and create with zero waste as a priority.

I think it’s time to let all my knowledge overtake my actions and trust myself and my intuition enough to know that I am enough, I have learned enough, and even if I stumble, I can get right back up and continue this journey. My whole life I have been afraid of failure. I have never felt like I was enough as a person, but I feel that now, at 32, I am ready to take on everything life has to offer. I am quite the late bloomer :).

Peace and love,