High Summer Apricot Basil Vegan Ice Cream

When apricots are in season I try to make them into as many treats as possible. Ice cream is usually a first choice. Apricots and basil pair well together and when blended with coconut milk and maple syrup, it is a delight for the taste buds! Tart, sweet, creamy, with just a hint of herby, nearly anise-like, basil. Yum!

I blended the ingredients together then poured into my kitchen aid ice cream attachment that had been in the freezer for several days. The outside temperature has been over 100F for a couple weeks. I had to put the whole attachment, with the ice cream, back into the freezer for a couple hours, then churned again. It worked!

I do still buy cans of coconut milk that I recycle after, obviously. I don’t know of a solid replacement for this item that is actually zero waste. I am comfortable recycling tin cans for the time being. I love my curries too much to give up the cream!