Backyard Reveal

We have somehow let the rogue sunflowers take over the back garden space. The flowers are beautiful, peaceful, and support the local ecology. All sorts of bees are constant visitors during the sunflower bloom time, and when seeds start to become ripe, finches are ever present and full of song. However, the intentionally planted crops didn’t fare so well due to the lack of sunshine and water. 

Before the great clearing of 2017

Next year I’ll be pulling any sunflowers in this area, but they have had a good run. I’ll let them go wild in another place.

The great reveal! There’s a building back here!

Now I can see the beautiful boxes and garden bed my husband built! I generally plant early spring crops in these boxes: peas, potatoes, kale, radishes, and green onions have all lived here. The climbing plants in the back are clematis ❤️.

Happy fall gardening / culling.

Peace and love,



A Few Snapshots of My Garden






From top to bottom: cantaloupe, tesuque chilies, green bush beans, a withering uchiki kuri squash (too many squash bugs this year) plus a watermelon, and scarlet runner beans and cucumbers, trellised.

My garden is in my front yard. We really have two front yards, separated by the sidewalk and about two feet of elevation. My husband put in four 6 x 6 garden beds he built by hand. They are beautiful, but there is so much vegetation, I cannot get a good photo of them at this point in the season. We purchased really beautiful and healthy garden soil which was a 70 / 30 mixture of topsoil and compost. It was delivered to our house for a fee, which I gladly paid. I am thrilled with my garden now, which is tremendously easy to weed and water. I let it go pretty wild and also crowded plants a bit too much, but am still extremely satisfied with what we have. Instead of buying any compost in plastic, we took old curbside recycling tubs and asked a local gardening center to dump compost into those. It worked pretty well! They were so heavy, though.

I’m looking forward to planting my favorite crop, garlic, very soon. I also plan to not buy any plants at all next season, rather starting everything from seed. Fingers crossed it works!

Peace and love,