Knit Mittens

A gift for an exchange where you won’t know who will be the final recipient of the gift.

Perhaps they are not perfect, but I gained the confidence to make mittens in the round for the future.

These are stitched up the side, and I still think they are adorable and fun. Had I started earlier, I would have attempted to line the mittens with fleece or flannel.

Check out the pattern here or here.

Peace and love,


Made in November

A couple pieces of art or craft that have been made in the past couple days.

My favorite washcloth pattern from Purl Bee was gifted to my best friend.

A pottery piece with lots of (ahem) character. I also made a similar shaped one that was gifted to my friend. That one is pink!

More pottery pieces are at home with me, but this one is calling my name today and so I happened to get a photo of it.

Peace and love,