Homemade Beauty

Powder is something I have rarely used, but I had a Juice Beauty powder I used occasionally and wanted to have a powder on hand just in case an inclination to feel fancy came up.

I cleaned up a vintage Merle Norman makeup container from my collection. In a mortar, I mixed together bentonite clay and arrowroot powder until a certain shade was achieved. I’m not exactly pasty, but I’m nowhere near olive-toned. Also, I have a face full of freckles so I’m never sure what color to use on my face anyway. My clay was sort of green, but the powder basically is translucent on my skin; it didn’t add any tint but rather gave me that powdery look.

Another vintage container was cleaned out to house my latest eye cream. Yes, it is blue!

I melted together beeswax, shea butter, rose hydrosol, tamanu oil, avocado oil, jojoba, aloe vera, chamomile eo, frankincense eo, lavender eo, and rose eo (diluted with jojoba).

It’s the perfect texture – gliding easily over my eye area and it doesn’t show up blue on the skin.

The amber bottle on the second shelf is a roller ball of perfume.

The scent is one I continue coming back to, even after making many others. It’s simply sandalwood and rose, it’s subtle, floral, and grounding. It’s definitely an everyday use perfume. I use sandalwood and rose that are already diluted (grapeseed and jojoba respectively) so then I can add them to a roller ball as they come. I frequently use NOW brand as it is what I can get locally.

I also concocted a small batch of healing skin serum using chamomile, frankincense, helichrysum, tamanu oil, lavender, and rose. I use it as a spot treatment for any blemishes, as well as for any residual redness or scarring.

Any of these would make great gifts to a loved one.

Peace and love,