Homemade Ramen

The pasta machine was busted out for this meal that’s been on my to-cook list for some time. With winter weather outside, this dish made sense. It contains fermented foods and all ingredients were made from scratch by myself.

Ramen noodles boiled in homemade broth and topped with kimchi, turmeric pickled eggs, and sriracha to kick out any lingering illness.

Lightly sauté kimchi and halved eggs.

Homemade kitchen scrap broth was brought to a boil.

Freshly made and cut noodles were gently placed into broth for about 1 minute.

I worked in a couple batches, then drained and placed into a bowl.

I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough, but there was plenty as they increase a bit with cooking.

Place noodles in new bowl, pour over any broth, top with kimchi & egg mixture, then drizzle with sriracha.

Gut healthy, comforting, delicious!

Peace and love,



Kimchi Fried Rice & Eggs

One pot meals are my obsession. What’s not to love about making a smaller mess and enjoying a big plate or bowl full of delicious food cooked together? Simple often means better, neater, and faster in the world of cooking. This doesn’t mean I toss everything in a pan or pot and let it simmer away; this kind of cooking still requires forethought and planning.¬†P8151026.JPG

I fermented some kimchi for the first time about a month ago and found a recipe for kimchi fried rice. I made it and loved it for its flavor as well as for the ease in which it came together as a meal.

When I made kimchi again recently, I knew this same recipe would become a part of my rotation. Rice must be made ahead and kept refrigerated prior to making your fried rice. This batch was made probably a week ago. Oops! I used my hens’ eggs for this meal, which makes me happy and grateful for the space to have hens and their companionship. Whenever I collect eggs I say, “Thank you for the eggs!”


The eggs were fried with butter in a cast iron skillet first, then put into a bowl and set aside. I added more butter, then the rice. Once it was heated up a bit, I chopped up some of my kimchi, threw it in, tossed it around with some sesame oil, then added the eggs back in.P8151031.JPG

I once saw a zero waste blogger sipping her smoothie out of her blender with a caption that said something about zero wasting your life: save dishes and drink right from the container. That is something that I strive to do in the kitchen. I use the same pan to cook eggs then rice, the same bowl to beat the eggs, store them while I cook rice, then to eat the rice from when it’s done!


This meal is simple, nutritious, and tasty. It may not be vibrantly colorful in photographs, but it is full of flavor. The kimchi is actually quite spicy! I also added some bulk bought Bragg’s Liquid Aminos because I love my salt! This was overall a perfect meal to enjoy after a long day back at school setting up my classroom.

Peace and love,



Three Ferments

Fermented foods have changed my life. They have a magical quality to them. They are healthy and making them is almost all passive time; time spent watching nature do her wondrous work.

From left to right we have vegan kimchi, garlic dill pickles, and cumin basil beets.

Cucumber, garlic, and red pepper flakes are from my gardens. Oh, I also made that little linen “hat” on the pickle jar originally as a sourdough starter cover but it serves me well for many other purposes.