Favorites from the Weekend

I have been in a pottery class for almost a year now and though my attendance can be sporadic, I have improved and what’s more important, it gives me a creative & therapeutic outlet.

There is an event held once per year where potters make teacups or mugs and donate them for this event. I bought a ticket and was able to score this mug from a fellow potter who has recently gone professional. It’s beautiful, unique, and locally made.

I already have a cupboard FULL of mugs, but it’s one of the best parts of my day when I get to choose the mug from which I will drink my beverage of choice.

Also, my organic tulips are always stunning. This area is called my gnome garden because it’s tiny and a lawn gnome lords over it making sure neighborhood cats don’t use it as their WC.

Last summer my family went huckleberry picking in the Idaho mountains. I froze quite a few and am enjoying them in my overnight oats.

That cat planter was picked up at a garage sale of a friend whose mother recently passed and she was a true cat lady. I thought I was, but now I realize I have a long road ahead of me! I put my hoya cuttings in there and it’s my favorite item at the moment.

Another string bag was added to my grocery kit as sometimes my other one is not enough for all the produce I buy. My other one was found at a thrift store and it is amazing. The tag on that one is Pier 1 imports. This one I found on Etsy and I love that it is organic cotton and is a neutral color. It is a smaller version of my other one, but it’s nice to have an extra one on hand.

And this sourdough sandwich loaf. 100% natural leaven, 100% homemade, and 100% delicious.

Peace and love,