Homemade Ramen

The pasta machine was busted out for this meal that’s been on my to-cook list for some time. With winter weather outside, this dish made sense. It contains fermented foods and all ingredients were made from scratch by myself.

Ramen noodles boiled in homemade broth and topped with kimchi, turmeric pickled eggs, and sriracha to kick out any lingering illness.

Lightly sauté kimchi and halved eggs.

Homemade kitchen scrap broth was brought to a boil.

Freshly made and cut noodles were gently placed into broth for about 1 minute.

I worked in a couple batches, then drained and placed into a bowl.

I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough, but there was plenty as they increase a bit with cooking.

Place noodles in new bowl, pour over any broth, top with kimchi & egg mixture, then drizzle with sriracha.

Gut healthy, comforting, delicious!

Peace and love,