Herbal Wreath

I make an herbal wreath every year with garden clippings. It’s useful as well as decorative. Bonus: it’s zero waste and free!

If you don’t grow your own herbs, maybe someone you know does and they might need a trim before winter.

I started with long lavender stems that were arranged into somewhat of a circle shape.

Then I used some kitchen string to secure those branches together.

The remainder of herbs consisted of thyme, sage, and a tiny bit of rosemary.

Charming! My sister got me a gift wrapped with ribbon for my birthday so I reused that ribbon. I wouldn’t normally have ribbon on hand but I like it both with and without ribbon. I’ll keep the ribbon for reuse.

If I need any herbs, I can pull some from here. At the end of the season I can put the dry herbs into spice jars, and compost any remaining pieces.

Do you have any zero waste decorating tips for the holidays?

I’m planning on making sugar cookies and naturally-dyed frosting to take to my students.

Peace and love,