February Groceries


This is not going to be my entire month’s groceries. When I share pictures of my groceries, it is usually because I just happen to get a photo, or there happens to be natural light available still (I live in the north).

I also do this with hopes that there are ever people who live in my area who want to shop zero waste style and can find inspiration on where to get food.

One of my favorite places to get food is a couple blocks from my house at a Mexican grocery store. They don’t question my cloth bags and I don’t ask them if it’s going to be a problem. I have gotten beans, dried chilies, vegetables, herbs, and even some coconut desserts from there. And I don’t think I ever spent more than $10 at a time.

I went to Cliff’s Country Market specifically to get more half & half and yogurt in returnable bottles. I have been to Cloverleaf Creamery in Buhl, Idaho, and I know that they take care of their cows, but I still feel conflicted over my dairy consumption, which is very minimal I think. I also get my produce there when I can as it is usually local and quite often organic. Their entire store is all about non-GMO products. It’s the best. I wish everything else they had was in bulk bins and I talk to them about it whenever I visit.

Then I drove to my favorite winery to fill up a growler of wine. I figured I might as well get it in bulk because it will stay good in my Klean Kanteen growler.

After that, I stopped a few blocks from my house at a Mexican restaurant to ask for chips and salsa in my stainless steel.

I’ll try and take photos this whole month of any other groceries I buy and list where they came from to help out any local folks. 😉

Peace and love,


More Zero Waste Wine in Idaho


Fujishin family cellars is where I get my wine (except that one time). Fujishin is a local winery located about 20 minutes from my house. Idaho has a great wine region, but not many people know that. I do recall riding the trains and buses around Italy, seeing the vineyards, and thinking how much the countryside climate and vegetation reminded me so much of Idaho.

Technically the area I live in doesn’t recycle glass. There are collection bins around town, but the glass doesn’t actually get recycled – just collected somewhere. That isn’t much better than a landfill in my opinion, and hopefully soon there will be a recycling facility. Even then, I feel comfortable and happy that I have found a place that has refillable, delicious, inexpensive, local wine.

Peace and love