Plastic-free & Zero Waste Thanksgiving Groceries

Thanksgiving is a time to enjoy the abundance around us. We have many holidays here in the States that have become buried deep under consumerism and we have very little connection to the original day of celebration. Thanksgiving was created here, and it holds up pretty well with its original intent.

Groceries from small, local stores: Pie pumpkins, heavy cream, kombucha, cranberries, oats, wild rice, winter squash, eggs, pumpkin cookies, persimmons, olive oil, canola oil, romanesco cauliflower, pecans.

I am grateful to be able to buy locally sourced, plastic and package-free produce and dairy, and am more than willing to drive a further distance to vote with my dollars. I don’t see the connection between supporting a corporation and feeding your family whipped topping out of a can with ingredients that do more harm than good, and then giving thanks for the food that has been provided by poor wages and wasteful business practices.

On the menu: pumpkin pie + apple pie, wild rice + squash casserole, eggnog (my family requests the eggnog every year). I haven’t figured out exactly what to do with the cranberries yet, but I’m sure I’ll find something delicious.

What I wish for this Thanksgiving is nourishing food provided from the garden, or as local as possible. I wish for health and happiness for my family as well as yours. I wish to seek common ground with others; especially families who don’t see eye to eye because who else can understand you better than your own flesh and blood?

Peace and love,