I’ll probably post anytime I make a successful sourdough loaf because it is just too exciting! Once you commit to making a loaf, it is in your mind for usually about two days. First you have to feed your starter, then wait for it to be ripe, or at its peak. Then it’s mixing the grains with the water or “autolyzing” or soaking the grains.

I feel the beginning is the hardest part because of all the waiting. Then it’s a series of folds every 30 minutes once everything is mixed together. The most enjoyable part for me is watching the scale and hitting those measurements right on. Good thing, too because I had just enough white wheat flour for this recipe. Literally within 1 minute gram.

I followed Maurizio’s recipe. I feel that I am already a devoted follower of his and I just found his blog a couple of months ago. Some people have a lovely way of sharing recipes and speaking, and I appreciate his voice in the baking world.

I sliced it up this morning and enjoyed it accompanied with some butter and apricot-thyme jam. Those delectable little plums my husband and I picked out from a local fruit aficionado, Bob Purvis, who sells at the market in town. I adore passionate folks!

This recipe makes two loaves, so the other is going to my Virgo dad along with some blackberry jam. Happy birthday, Pops!

Peace and love,



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